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Family Yatra

Travel with family is intended to be one of the ways to let a family re discover itself from the mundane ways of routine life. However, unless there is a patriarch in the family, planning and executing this travel becomes an arduous task. One might think the dozens of options and preferences one is confronted with is the hurdle in undertaking this task. However, as has happened in my case, time and again it is the reluctance to take a decision that has made this a contemplative topic.

Let me give a brief background first. I am one with lots of time on my hands inspite of an active work life. My parents are simple folks who spend their time leading a quite but active life. Every six months, boredom visits me like a migraine. I love to travel, and don’t really care much about the company that accompanies me on these travels..or do I?

Every time I have tried to pull in my family into some sort of a leisure trip, I have got varied excuses. These may range from genuine health problems, to something being a romantic spot and not fit for a family visit. They do go on the occasional pilgrimage, so I attributed to this lack of interest to my choice of place.

Since I just like to travel, I told them to go ahead and arrange for travel to any place, in any form of transport, for as many days as the place requires, given the constraints of applying early enough for leave in my office. Two years have passed, and I have not heard a single suggestion from them.

We never had problems of this sort in taking off to wild places when I was in school and my parents led a busy work life. All this leads to me one nagging thought…am I too soft in getting my wishes? Why have we suddenly lost all interest in exploring the world? Is it the age catching up with my parents…am I too demanding for a more active life, a different leap from the sedentary lifestyle I lead, or is it just that I have not been able to become the deciding authority that my father once easily assumed where we were informed a week before the travel that there is a plan to go on a tour, and these were the places in mind, we shall go as per bookings available.

Maybe, sometimes one has to just wield the stick!

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